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Ashanti Akim Community Organisation is focused on alleviating poverty in Ghana’s Ashanti Akim region, which is located about four hours drive northwest of Accra, Ghana’s capital, and an hour and a half east of Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city. AACO addresses poverty by focusing on projects in five key areas: education, agriculture, business, medicine and leadership development.

Founded by Akosua Arkhurst, a daughter of the region who now lives in London where AACO has built a base of partners invested in poverty alleviation in Ashanti Akim, AACO works to equip the people of the region to take ownerships of their own development. AACO’s work was launched when Akosua, sensing a call to help the people of her homeland, returned in 1989 to ask local leaders what the community needed. AACO’s work continues to be a response to the answers to those questions and to an ongoing conversation with residents about their most pressing needs.

Seeking to help grow a vibrant community in Ashanti Akim in which the best and brightest are inspired to stay and contribute to the community’s growth instead of seeking jobs in larger cities, AACO’s largest project to date is the Jubilee Senior High School – Dampong, which opened in 2007 and is still expanding and developing. Many of AACO’s other projects link back to this school. All projects seek to address core causes of poverty and provide sustainable change for the people of Ashanti Akim.

Ashanti Akim is composed of 226 towns and villages, with a total population of 95,000. The mostly-rural region has 92 primary schools, 55 junior high schools, but only four senior high schools, including Jubilee Senior High School, where students aged 15-19 can continue their education. Among Ashanti Akim’s untapped resources are rich farmland, an available labour force, timber, gold deposits and hot tropical weather.

Ashanti Akim is divided into two districts, Ashanti Akim North and Ashanti Akim South, which are two of the Ashanti Region’s 18 administrative districts. Konongo is the capital of Ashanti Akim North, and Juaso is the capital of Ashanti Akim South. While Jubilee Senior High School is located in Ashanti Akim South, AACO works alongside people in both of these districts.

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